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Who we are

Multi Server Network (R) Academy provides innovative, cutting edge technological training for Nigerians who are passionate about building a career in I.T. We make building a career in IT affordable thereby expanding every sphere of life through technology.

Our vision is to change Nigeria, through technology, one innovation at a time.

Our mission is to make building a career in IT affordable thereby bringing up innovators and creating opportunities through the genius that we breed.

At the end of each session, a certificate of presence and certificate of course completion will be awarded to each students.

Multi Server Network, is registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This makes our certificate tenderable anywhere in the country. So students who have gone through our programme can use our certificate to apply for job, grants, loans, etc in Nigeria.

Course offered

Course duration varies.
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After School

So you are thinking, What next after school?

MSN Academy will ensure that students get the best of the training facilities so that the knowledge imparted to the students by our excellent facilitators can be used in real time. Before course completion, students will be grouped and asked to create a solution to solve specific problems affecting the society. MSN Academy will also provide students with numerous interview options in various companies.

MSN Academy ensures that students are not just certified. We make sure our students focus on technology and learning more than anything else. Once the students are given a dose of theory and practical in the classroom, they are asked to perform the practical. This makes sure that whatever they learn in the classroom will not be theoretical knowledge alone.

Apart from working on student’s technical skills, MSN Academy works on life skills as well such as communication skills, presentation skills etc. We achieve so by arranging different classes such as Personality development classes, spoken English classes, and Group Discussion classes. Just before students finish their course, candidates are further screened for technical and life skills and corrections are done if any gaps are found. These facilities make sure that students are not only technically competent, but are presentable as well.

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Class starts January, 2017